McDonald’s Employee makes $362,259 from ONE spin playing FREE Bonus Slot Machines


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Martin Reiter walked into work yesterday one of the poorest men in the building; four hours and a half shift later, he walked out one of the richest.

Never one for stability or long-term employment, Martin Reiter has been shuffling jobs for the past 9 months, working anywhere from his local Walmart chain to his neighborhood McDonald’s in Nevada. Whatever the case, work for him has been strictly a “get in and get out” affair. It wasn’t until his night shift 2 weeks ago that it appeared Martin would be “getting out” forever.

While browsing Facebook on his lunch break, Martin came across an online pokies site giving away $25 in free spins. With nothing to lose and 30 minutes of free time, Martin decided to try his luck. What happened 12 spins and 20 minutes later would change his fate forever.

In one single spin, Martin won the progressive jackpot of Bing Hall’s “Treasures of the Pharaoh” game, cashing out on $362,259 in the matter of 5 seconds. Having won over 20 times his annual salary in a single spin, Martin’s McDonald’s career had come to an abrupt end.Bonus Slot Machines

“I just didn’t believe it at first,” Martin said. “I thought it was some sick April Fool’s day joke my coworkers had played on me. It was until I hit the cash out button and saw the $362,259 number next to my name that I knew it was real.”

After some choice words for his boss upon exiting, Martin hasn’t been seen at McDonald’s since.

And while one of the bigger winners of the giveaway, Martin certainly isn’t the only one to cash out on Bing Hall free spins. Since the promotion began last month, over 238 players all over America have won money from 100% free play. However, it appears the giveaway will be soon ending as the company has already paid out over $1,000,000 in total winnings this last month.

Mail Today news reporter Jane Linn also tried her hand at the jackpot but sadly only walked away with a $485 – you can’t always win as big as Jeremy sadly!”

Think this could be your lucky day too? Sign up for Bingo Hall and they’ll even pay you $30 FREE to play! Hurry, as this offer ends midnight May 18, 2015April 30, 2015.


Bad Boys 3 gets THE GREEN LIGHT!


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mlRecently, Martin Lawrence sat down with Talk Show Host and Comedian Conan O’Brien to discuss the release of his resent film and CONFIRMED that the third Bad Boys Film is on it’s way. While i’m a HUGH fan of the Bad Boys Franchise it’s going to be quiet interesting to see the 49-year old comic reunite with Will Smith. Lawrence says the stars were beginning to align for the buddy cop sequel. “I just talked with Jerry Bruckheimer yesterday and he said its real, they’re working on the script, they’re getting close and it all looks good,” he said.

Remember, back in July when Martin Lawrence took to twitter to call affirmative action for Will Smith to get involved in the sequel. 11 and a half years ago, Bad Boys 2 was released in theatres, so I think it’s about time for number 3! With today’s Film and Television industry beginning to to adapt higher budgets i wonder if Bad Boys 3 will live up to the other 2 installments.

Bad Boys, from 1995, was one of Will Smith’s first box office hits, and the film also historically marked the directing debut of Tranformers’ Michael Bay. A 2003 sequel, Bad Boys 2, saw the duo reprise thier role as streetwise detectives Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey.

Jerry Bruckheimer said in April of 2014 that the main obstacles to a third movie were finding space in Smith’s busy schedule to shoot it and persuading Sony to get fully on board. “It’s so funny because we’ll get Sony real excited to make the movie, and then Will is off doing two movies, ” said Bruckheimer. And suddenly when Will is all refreshed, excited and ready Sony will say, “Well. maybe it’s not the time for this.”. However, don’t mistake Sony’s decision as disinterested, the studio is tied down to projects until at least 2018. Needless to say i can almost bet you that Bad Boys 3 will begin filming no later than Summer 2015. And i am ready to be cast as a young zealous cop.